Responsible Gaming

Chelbis recognizes that for a minority of its customers gambling can become an addictive behavior which can lead to a range of problems for individuals and their families. As a result of this we (the Company) believe that we have a social responsibility to act positively in relation to problem gambling.

Procedures in place

Our clear policies, procedures and codes of practice outline and support the development of how staff should recognize and intervene where there is a suspected problem. The Company monitors and supports the development of the awareness and knowledge of its staff in dealing with such interventions.

Our intention is to present customers with incentives that do not encourage problem gambling. Customer incentives are set within sensible spending and at a company level are controlled within agreed budgets. The in-house analytics team works extensively on ‘play pattern reorganization’ algorithms to raise alerts of potential problem gambling accounts.

Provision of Self Protection/Exclusion

On request we will close a customer’s account permanently or temporarily for the specified time period, during which time it will not be possible for the account to be re-opened for any reason. During this period of self-exclusion, we will not distribute any promotional emails and do all we can to prevent new accounts being opened.